Clash of Clans Wizard Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

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The Wizard is one of the most powerful ranged units in Clash of Clans. In fact, at max level, it has the highest damage per second per space of housing of any unit. A handful of Wizards can quickly tear through any tower, structure, or even wall. However, the cost and training time associated with Wizards mean that they cannot be used all the time.

In this guide to the Wizard, we will discuss everything there is to know about this unit, from its basic stats to its upgrades to the best strategies for using it in battle.

Wizard Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 8 minutes
Supply Cost: 4
Movement Speed: 16
Targets: Ground & Air
Preferred Target: Any
Barracks Required: Level 7

1 50 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 75 75
2 70 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 105 90
3 90 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 135 108
4 125 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 187.5 130
5 170 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 255 156
6 180 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 270 164
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 1500 None None 5
2 2000 150,000 3 5
3 2500 450,000 4 6
4 3000 1,350,000 5 7
5 3500 2,500,000 6 8
6 4000 7,500,000 8 10

Wizards are similar to Archers both in range and style of attack. Wizards have a slower attack and slower movement speed, attacking and moving both 50% slower than the Archer. However, the Wizard more than makes up for this slower movement speed with incredible damage and higher health.

While on a per-supply basis Wizards have similar health to Archers, the higher max health of individual Wizards makes Wizards much more effective against AoE structures like Mortars and Wizard Towers than Archers. Archers will often die in one hit to a Mortar, whereas Wizards can soak up 4-5 hits from the same Mortar.

Wizards deal splash damage. Enemies or structures near the Wizard’s target will also take damage from the Wizard’s attack. The area of this effect is very small and tends to only matter when the Wizard attacks enemy units.

CoC Wizard Strategy

Wizards are the first true premium unit players get access to in Clash of Clans – that is a unit that is clearly stronger on a per-supply basis than other units, but costs extra resources and takes longer to make. The Wizard is a stronger version of the Archer, but using the Wizard over the Archer requires some consideration given the Wizard’s high cost and long training time.

Wizards in Farming

Typically, the Wizard does not make an appearance when farming. The reason is simple: it takes too long to train. The Wizard has perhaps the longest training time in game on a per-supply basis, taking 8 minutes to train for a 4 supply unit. This is an average of 2 minutes of training per supply produced. Even the P.E.K.K.A trains faster, taking 1.8 minutes per supply produced.

There is one exception to not using Wizards when farming (covered below): Dark Elixir farming.

Dark Elixir Farming With Wizards

As you come close to maxing out your TH8 base, you will come to a point where you realize that you no longer have a use for Elixir. Your primary limitation in getting the last few upgrades and hero levels will be Dark Elixir (and perhaps gold for walls). At Town Hall 9, you will reach the point of no longer needing Elixir long before you soak up all the Dark Elixir you need to max out your heroes.

The problem with normal farming strategies is that the bases with the most Dark Elixir often have the best defenses. In order to crack these tough bases, Wizards are often supplemented in for Archers. Rather than using Giants, Wall Breakers, Archers, and Goblins, a player might cut their normal Goblin and Giant count in half, opting to replace that with P.E.K.K.As. The player could then replace their Archers with Wizards. This Giant, Wizard, and P.E.K.K.A combination is popular known as GiWiPE.

Wizards in War Battles

Wizards make a great army composition for war, both at high and low levels. As part of a low-level army (TH5-TH6), Wizards will need both a tank and support. Giants work great as tanking units, while Healers (when available) are excellent support units. Wizards have enough health to actually get healed by Healers without dying, unlike Archers which often get 1-shot by enemy structures.

At higher levels, Wizards are still an excellent unit (they are after all the highest DPS in game), but for tough bases, they will need a little more support than just Giants if you want to hit the 3 star clear. Giants can be supplemented with 2 P.E.K.K.As, Witches or a Golem or two. While these three units are expensive, they offer much stronger support for the Wizard for tough war battles. Note that while Witches do not tank directly for the Wizard, the Skeletons summoned by the Witch will tank.

Wizards as a Clan Castle Unit

Wizards are among the best Clan Castle units. Their high damage and area of effect damage mean they can often take out wide swaths of units. They are particularly effective versus Giants and Barbarians. The primary weakness of the Wizard is the Dragon as well as simply being picked off by spread out Archers. Wizards tend to stack up when attacking a Dragon, meaning they all get taken out in a single Dragon hit since Dragons deal area of effect damage (often before getting a hit off on the Dragon if a few Dragons are around).

Wizards actually make a great Clan Castle unit for offensive purposes. It is a common strategy among the most serious of players to create an alternative account (i.e. a second account that is not played as heavily as the primary account) in order to make Wizards for donation purposes. Here is how it works:

While this may be too serious of a tactic for the average player, consider that it would take 56 total minutes of training time to train the 7 Wizards donated to a TH9 player. This is 14 minutes of training time on average across all 4 Barracks! Using this tactic can actually allow you to raid 14 minutes sooner than not using it if you are using Wizards for dark elixir farming!