Clash of Clans Wizard Tower Guide: Upgrade Levels, Strategy

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The Wizard Tower has moderate health and damage and a very short range, but makes up for it with its fast attack speed and ability to deal area of effect damage. Its low single-target damage makes it ineffective against high-health targets like Giants or Dragons, but its area of effect damage-dealing makes it effective against any unit that clumps up – Barbarians, Archers, Wizards, Balloons, Minions and Goblins among others.

Wizard Tower Basic Stats, Upgrades, and Number Available by Town Hall Level

Damage Type: Area of Effect
Attack Speed: 1 attack per 1.3 seconds
Range: 7 Yards
Targets: Ground and Air
Building Size: 3 units by 3 units

Wizard Tower Upgrades and Stats by Town Hall Level

1 5 11 14.3 620 180,000 12 hours
2 5 13 16.9 660 360,000 1 day
3 6 16 20.8 690 720,000 2 days
4 7 20 26 720 1,280,000 3 days
5 8 24 31.2 760 1,960,000 4 days
6 8 32 41.6 800 2,680,000 5 days
7 9 40 52 840 5,360,000 7 days
8 10 48 62.4 880 6,480,000 10 days

Number of Wizard Towers By Town Hall Level

Number of Wizard Towers 1 2 3 4

The Wizard Tower is the only splash damage tower with an instant projectile attack that is able to hit an unlimited number of targets. This makes the Wizard Tower particularly useful in protecting storage buildings from Goblins. Goblins can outrun traps and Mortar shots, but cannot escape the Wizard Tower.

Wizard Tower Strategy

The Wizard Tower is one of your best Towers in Clash of Clans. As a high-value tower, some care should be taken in order to shield it from enemy attacks.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Wizard Tower excels at protecting storage units from hordes of Barbarians, Archers, or Goblins that may be deployed in an attempt to rush down a valuable storage building (particularly the Dark Elixir Storage). Its primary strength is taking down these clumps of light units. As the Wizard Tower can hit air units, it also excels at taking down swarms of Minions and Balloons. Consider placing an Air Bomb next to the Wizard Tower in order to enhance this effect and prevent enemy’s from spreading out troops to take down the Wizard Tower with a spread-out air attack.

The Wizard tower starts off as a fairly weak structure in terms of the amount of damage it deals, but its strength increases significantly at Town Hall 8 and above. When the Wizard Tower hits level 6, it starts 1-shotting most Archers and 2-shotting Barbarians. Before this time period, a Wizard Tower can be taken out by spread out Archers or Archers behind Barbarian tanks. After this level, the Wizard Tower is very strong against both units.

The biggest weakness of the Wizard Tower is any high health unit, particularly when that unit is support by Healing spells or a Healer. Keep your Wizard Tower within range of an Air Defense tower in order to minimize the impact of the Healer’s healing ability. The Wizard Tower can actually deal significant damage to higher health units like the Giant if many of these high-health units are clumped up, but this damage is erased by healing. Air Defense will keep Healers from erasing all of your Wizard Tower’s damage.

Wizard Tower Placement

Wizard Towers should be placed towards the center of the base, preferably in range of one or two storage structures. Keep at least one within range of my Dark Elixir Storage, as this will protect the storage from Goblins and Barbarians. Some players create a “kill zone” by placing two Wizard Towers within range of the Dark Elixir Storage. This ensures that the combined attacks of the two Wizard Towers kill any Goblins in one hit, preventing the Goblins from tanking the Wizard Tower’s attacks with a Healing Spell.

At the same time, keeping Wizard Towers too close to one another leaves the player vulnerable to Balloon and Minion-based air attacks. If a player can drop a healing spell and encompass two Wizard Towers, Balloons can make short work of the Wizard Towers and come out with full health. To prevent this from happening, make sure your Wizard Towers are centralized and near a storage structure, but not too close to one another.

Wizard Tower Upgrade Priority

Upgrading the Wizard Tower should be in the middle of your upgrade order. Upgrading the Wizard Tower should come after the Air Defense and Mortar, but is a higher priority than a Cannon or Archer Tower. The only thing that might slow down your upgrade order is the high cost of upgrading the Wizard Tower – the level 6 and 7 upgrades are particularly expensive compared to the cost of upgrading other towers in this level range.