Clash of Clans Witch Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

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The Witch is the highest-level unit in Clash of Clans, not being unlocked until Town Hall 9 when the Dark Barracks is fully maxed out at level 5. The Witch is also arguably the most powerful unit in Clash of Clans, but is very hard to use.

In this guide to the Witch, we will cover unit stats, upgrades and levels, strengths and weaknesses, and strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of this unit.

Witch Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 20 minutes
Supply Cost: 12
Movement Speed: 12
Targets: Ground & Air
Preferred Target: Any
Dark Barracks Required: Level 5

1 25 1 attack per .7 seconds 17.5 75 6 seconds
2 30 1 attack per .7 seconds 21 100 6 seconds
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement Number of Skeletons
1 250 None None 9 3 per summon (6 max)
2 300 75,000 7 9 4 per summon (8 max)
Skeleton Movement Speed Skeleton Attack Speed Skeleton Damage Per Second Skeleton Damage Per Hit Skeleton Hitpoints Skeleton Preferred Target
24 1 attack per second 25 25 45 Any

For being a 12-supply unit, the Witch has low damage and incredibly low health. The Witch’s real strength is its Skeleton summons, which it conjures every 6 seconds. Each Skeleton is like a slightly weaker Barbarian, but given that a single 12-supply Witch can summon 40 Skeletons every minute, their strength quickly adds up.

CoC Witch Strategy

As a unit, the Witch’s very low health, slow movement speed, and low damage means that players will have to take extra precaution in order to use this unit effectively.

Witches and the Float Spell

The easiest way to protect the witch is to use the Float Spell. Once all perimeter structures are destroyed and you have a few Witches targeting a wall, you are in the perfect position to do serious damage with a Float Spell. Place the Float spell towards the interior of the enemy’s base, such that the Float spell’s area of effect just reaches the wall that the Witches are attacking.

When the Float spell goes down, the Skeletons the Witches use will receive the Float spell and go deeper into the enemy’s base, while the fragile Witches will be stuck on the outside of the base since the Witches attack from range. If you place this correctly, the Skeletons can often hop two walls, carving out much of an enemy’s base without the Witches ever being exposed to any danger. Once the Skeletons clear out as far as they can go, you can break down the wall with a Wall Breaker in order to get the Witches deeper (but still out of range of damage) and then repeat the process with another Float spell.

Witches in War Battles and Trophy Pushing

If you have the Dark Elixir, Witches are a fantastic unit in both War battles and trophy pushing, even amongst max-level players. One way to go about it is to use a large number of Witches with the Float spell (as described previously). This is very effective, albeit difficult to use repeatedly (given the training time and cost of the Witch).

Alternatively, a few Witches can lend strength to a typical Golem and Wizard composition, helping to give it a little more staying power and being particularly useful against Inferno Towers. While the multi-target Inferno Towers will tear through Skeletons quickly, they will help distract the towers so that your Wizards can take the towers down. Use the Freeze spell if necessary to help prevent an Inferno Tower from doing too much damage.

Witches in Farming

While Witches are strong, their cost makes them prohibitive for farming. High level players might mix a few in, but given their training time and cost, it is practically impossible to use the Witch efficiently. Players will not unlock these until Witches reach the higher end of TH9, at which point the only really important resource is Dark Elixir. If you are going to spend a little Dark Elixir on farming, it is probably a better bet to go for a Golem or two and then stack your army with regular Elixir units.

Witch Weaknesses

Due to their low health, Witches have many weaknesses:

Witches as a Clan Castle Unit

Witches are not the best Clan Castle unit for defensive purposes, at least for their cost. It is too easy to overwhelm them with just plain Archers. Dropping 20 Archers will easily overpower the Skeleton summons along with the Witches themselves.

Witches can be good for offensive purposes for players looking to donate strength to a friend or for donating to their main account from an alt account. Having two Witches in the Clan Castle can significantly improve the strength of any attack, particularly if you did not have to spend the Dark Elixir required to get these. A donation of 2 Witches and 3 Wizards makes for a strong level 6 Clan Castle attack.