Clash of Clans Valkyrie Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

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The Valkyrie wins the award for the least-used unit in all of Clash of Clans. These units are so infrequently seen that it is always a surprise to see them. One one account of mine that is around level 80, I have only been attacked by a Valkyrie twice, and have only seen it in an enemy’s Clan Castle one time (and this is in over 1,000 offensive raids).

In this guide to the Valkyrie, we will not only discuss unit stats, upgrade levels, and strategies for using this unit, but you will also discover why this unit is not frequently used.

Valkyrie Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 15 minutes
Supply Cost: 8
Movement Speed: 24
Targets: Ground (melee splash damage)
Preferred Target: Any
Dark Barracks Required: Level 3

1 88 1 attack per 1.8 seconds 158.4 900
2 99 1 attack per 1.8 seconds 178.2 1000
3 111 1 attack per 1.8 seconds 199.8 1100
4 124 1 attack per 1.8 seconds 223.2 1200
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 6 None None 7
2 7 10,000 5 7
3 8 20,000 6 8
4 9 30,000 6 8

The Valkyrie is fast for a melee unit (Barbarians have a speed of 16 versus the Valkyrie’s 24). While the Valkyrie has great health, Its damage is rather unimpressive on a per-supply basis (Barbarians deal over twice the damage on a per-supply basis).

The Valkyrie is the only melee unit in the game that deals splash damage. This makes it particularly effective at taking out Clan Castle units as well as when attacking enemy units when it pops from the Clan Castle. The only structure where this splash damage shows up is on walls; Valkyries will typically take out several walls at once as they swing.

CoC Valkyrie Strategy

The primary obstacle to using the Valkyrie is its cost and training time. At level 2, they cost 100 Dark Elixir. They also take 15 minutes to produce for an 8-supply unit (only the Wizard has a longer training time, taking 16 minutes to produce two 4-supply Wizards). Upgrade cost for the Valkyrie is also very high relative to other units. Going from Valkyrie level 1 to level 2 runs 50,000 Dark Elixir, an extremely large amount at TH8 (when the upgrade becomes available).

While not a bad unit, they are not impressive enough to sacrifice that much Dark Elixir or training time to make an attempt to acquire. Valkyries will attack their closest unit, making them something like a half-strength Barbarian King. Given that they have no pathing, it is easier and cheaper to use 1 P.E.K.K.A instead of 3 Valkyries. A P.E.K.K.A has similar stats to the combined strength of 3 Valkyries. With the same training time, similar stats, and same targeting priority, I would rather spend 30k-40k Elixir on a P.E.K.K.A than 210-400 Dark Elixir on 3 Valkyries.

Valkyries in War, Farming, and Trophy Pushing

Valkyries are not commonly used in any form in Clash of Clans, at least not as primary unit. For standard offensive purposes, there is little advantage to using a Valkyrie over a P.E.K.K.A. For main-base attacks, there is no advantage. The only task that the Valkyrie would be particularly effective at would be destroying perimeter buildings so that the main army can advance through one point of attack.

Theoretically a Valkyrie could be kept on hand to deal with Clan Castle units (given the Valkyrie’s area of effect swing), but players typically use Wizards or Dragons in the Clan Castle for wars. One Valkyrie would not be enough to take out a Wizard contingent (would need 2 Valkyries), while Valkyries alone cannot hit Dragons.

Valkyries as a Clan Castle Unit

The one area where the Valkyrie is particularly effective is in the Clan Castle. The downside to using Valkyries in the Clan Castle though is that Valkyries cannot target air units. Once you get up to Clan Castle level 6, a combination of 1 Dragon and 1 Valkyrie is quite good. The Valkyrie is strong against Archers, which are typically used to take out Dragons. You can make a player burn a decent number of units just to clear out your Clan Castle with such a strategy.