Clash of Clans Town Hall 2 & 3 Farming Strategies & Army Guide

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Even at a Town Hall level of 2, players can begin farming resources off of their opponents. Farming resources at these early levels will significantly speed up your progress through these early stages. You will need these resources as you can build 25 walls at Town Hall 2 which cost 1000 gold each to upgrade to the maximum level (30,000 total gold). Waiting for your fledgling mines to produce that amount of resources will literally take days.

The best part about farming at Town Hall level 2 or 3 is that almost all of the game’s players will be unable to attack you for loot due to the Town Hall differential penalty. Players who have a Town Hall two levels higher than yours can only take half the normal loot (that is just Town Hall 4 or 5, depending on level) while players beyond two levels can barely take anything. Even if you drop your shield, you have little to fear from an enemy’s attack.

Town Hall 2 and 3 Video Farming Guide

Beginner Farming Strategies in Clash of Clans… by CoCGuides

Video & Strategy Discussion

As you can see from the video, farming at these early levels is very easy. Goblins or Barbarians both work equally well for farming at this stage. Goblins tend to work a little better, but have the downside of taking longer to produce. You can attack practically back to back to back through these levels if you just use a handful of Barbarians. If you use Goblins, make sure your attack counts for a lot of loot.

When deciding on which base to attack, make sure you are able to tell whether most of the loot is in the storage units or collectors (so you know where to place your units).

If you are looking to attack collectors, check the elixir collects. If they are filled up with pink elixir, that is a clear indication that there is a lot of resources available in the enemy’s collectors. Looting collectors is often the best source of resources in Clash of Clans – just make sure they are full first.

Farming Goals

At a Town Hall level of two, your Gold and Elixir is capped at just 7,000 total of each. As a result, anyone you attack with at least 3,000 gold or elixir is worthwhile of attacking. You just have to keep skipping around with the “next” button until you find someone with exposed storage units, gold mines, or elixir collectors. You will need to cap out your gold at 7,000 a few times in order to max out your walls before moving on to Town Hall 3.

By Town Hall 3, you can increase your storage to as high as 101,000 of both gold and elixir. As a result, I recommend trying to get at least 10,000 of each resource during your attacks. Keep skipping until you find the right base. You will want to get up to 25,000 elixir quickly so you can build a lab and then collect another 50,000 to start your first bits of research.

There is very little difference between farming at these levels other than the number of Barbarians or Goblins you can use. Once you reach a Town Hall level of 3, you can command a much larger army, but the general strategy of attacking players with exposed storage units and resource collectors is still the same. Watch the video posted at the top of the page for more information.

Once you start getting your research going and upgrading your walls, the biggest farming task will be upgrading your walls. You need 310,000 total gold to build 50 walls with level three upgrades. Even if you built 25 maxed out walls at Town Hall 2, that only drops your total gold requirement to 280,000. For this purpose, skip around until you find bases with at least 20,000 gold to loot.