Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming Defense: Best Base Layout for TH6

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In this guide to the best Town Hall 6 farming base setup, I will be revealing the best defense layout in Clash of Clans for TH6 players. Not to start off this guide on a sour note, but you should know that Town Hall 6 players have the hardest time protecting their resources of any Town Hall level in Clash of Clans.

If you did not already know, in Clash of Clans, players can only attack other players that have one level lower of a Town Hall without facing a significant (50%+) loot reduction penalty. To clarify, if a Town Hall 6 player had 200,000 gold available to steal during a raid, a Town Hall 8 player would only see 100,000 gold being available.

The end result of this penalty dynamic is that most of your farming is done by attacking players one Town Hall level lower than you. This means that at Town Hall 6, you are primarily fodder for Town Hall 7 players. Town Hall 7 results in the largest upgrade in farming army size and strength in all of Clash of Clans, leaving Town Hall 6 players at their mercy.

The reason TH7 players are so much stronger than TH6 players is that Town Hall 7 players get an extra army camp, resulting in 50 more supplies. TH7 players also unlock the Barbarian King, the first hero unit in CoC. Finally, Town Hall 7 players get to upgrade their Barbarians, Archers, Wall Breakers, Giants, and Goblins – all common farming units. Town Hall 7 players get to counter all these extra units and upgrades with an extra Air Defense, an extra Mortar, an extra Archer Tower, two extra Cannons, two Hidden Teslas, and 50 extra Walls. Town Hall 6 players just are not equipped to deal with an upgraded TH7 army.

With that said, a great farming base setup is still better than a less-optimal setup. With a good base layout, most of the time you do not have to lose all your resources. Instead, at this level, you will find you typically lose 1-2 storage units from most enemy raids. You will also get the occasional free shield from your Town Hall getting picked off by a few units. You will not typically get fully wiped by TH7 players until you start banking up 1,000,000 + of each resource type.

TH6 Base Setup: Video Guide

The video below shows my recommended Town Hall 6 base setup and demonstrates it fending off a variety of attacks that you are likely to see at this Town Hall level:

Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming Base… by osirisguide

CoC Town Hall 6 Base Layout & Strategy Discussion


The above picture represents a fully-maxed Town Hall 6 base using my recommended layout. There is no good “trophy base” for this level range, as Town Hall 7+ players can wipe you with using just Barbarians and Archers, even with this maxed out base setup. There is no point in trying to protect your trophies defensively when you cannot stand up to most players in the first place.

Note that I still recommend keeping the Clan Castle on the outside of the base. While our base is getting larger, it is still not big enough to prevent units from being easily lured out of the Clan Castle and then subsequently destroyed. I would rather save center space for our Mortars, Air Defense, and storage buildings.

Note that every storage building is behind its own wall. I think this is particularly important at Town Hall 6 due to how often TH7 enemies will get 50%+ clears. Splitting up your resources so much ensures that you only have to lose 1-2 storage buildings even in the event of a 70%+ clear.

The center of the base includes a Mortar and an Air Defense. The Air Defense is the center feature of the entire base, as only having one Air Defense is the biggest weakness of Town Hall 6. Even other Town Hall 6 players can give you trouble if you leave your Air Defense exposed, thanks to the introduction of the Healer at this level range.

Note that both Wizard Towers are within range of two storage units. One of easiest ways to take out storage units is with either clusters of Goblins or Archers, and the Wizard Tower is strong against both. The Wizard Tower is never paired behind the same wall with a storage structure, as this prevents Goblins from breaking down a wall to your storage units while simultaneously breaking open a wall for Giants.