Clash of Clans Mortar Guide: Upgrades, Levels, Strategy

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The Mortar is the first tower players get access to in Clash of Clans that can deal splash damage. Effectively taking advantage of the Mortar’s ability to hit multiple units at once is essential for defending a base against the increasing number of enemy units present with each Town Hall upgrade.

As the Mortar Tower has a minimum range and low overall DPS, care must be taken when using this structure in order to protect it while maximizing its effectiveness.

Mortar Basic Stats, Upgrades, and Number Available by Town Hall Level

Damage Type: Splash (1.5 yards)
Attack Speed: 1 attack per 5 seconds
Range: 11 yards (4 yard minimum)
Targets: Ground
Building Size: 3 units by 3 units

Mortar Upgrades and Stats by Town Hall Level

1 3 4 20 400 8,000 8 hours
2 4 5 25 450 32,000 12 hours
3 5 6 30 500 120,000 1 day
4 6 7 35 550 400,000 2 days
5 7 8 40 590 800,000 4 days
6 8 9 45 610 1,600,000 5 days
7 9 11 55 640 3,200,000 7 days
8 10 13 65 670 6,400,000 10 days

Number of Mortars By Town Hall Level

Number of Mortars 1 2 3

Despite the low DPS dealt by the Mortar, the Mortar tower will typically deal more damage than any other tower type throughout a raid (aside from perhaps the Inferno Tower). The large amount of splash damage dealt by the Mortar means that a single Mortar shot will often hit 10+ units with each shot. Players do not get access to many Mortars, unlocking three at Town Hall 7 and not unlocking any additional Mortars from that point onward.

Mortar Tower Strategy

Using Mortars effectively requires more strategy and thought in regards to building placement. Below, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Mortar and how to best counter them.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Mortar has a number of weaknesses. Firstly and most obviously, the Mortar cannot hit air units, and as a result it is weak against enemy air units. Secondly, the Mortar’s low damage per second means that high health units supported by a Healer will be able to easily heal any damage dealt by the Mortar. The solution to both of these problem is to keep an Air Defense relatively close to each Mortar. The Air Defense will take out both aggressive air units as well as Healers.

Mortars also have a minimum range – they cannot hit any units that are 3 yards away or closer. This means that melee units like Giants and Barbarians cannot be hit by the Mortar when the aforementioned melee units get within range of the Mortar. The Mortar also cannot hit melee units that are attacking a wall directly next to a Mortar. Placing the Mortar deeper into the base helps protect it from attacks.

Mortars also are relatively weak against the Lightning Spell. The low health of the Mortar means that just two LIghtning Spells will take out a Mortar.

Mortar Tower Placement

Good placement of the Mortar is essential to using it effectively. Since the Mortar has a minimum range, it never belongs on the perimeter of the base. It should always be towards the center of the base, so that it is difficult for units to get within its minimum range. Mortars should be spread out a bit, but still relatively close. It is helpful if all Mortars are within range of other higher value buildings or units (Dark Elixir storage, Air Defense towers, other Mortars), as this allows the Mortars to protect one another.

Mortars cannot be placed directly next to one another. While the idea of doubling the Mortar’s potency is appealing, the fact is just two Lightning spells will take out a Mortar. If you place Mortars next to one another, both can be taken out by the same set of Lightning Spells. Mortars should be separated by a wall when possible, as this prevents Mortars from being taken out too easily. Some good base layouts use Mortars within the same cell in a base, but at most two of three Mortars should occupy the same cell.

Mortar Upgrade Priority

Upgrading your Mortar towers should be considered among the highest priority for upgrades in Clash of Clans (after the Laboratory of course). Upgrading Mortars is essential to keeping them effective, as a fully upgraded Mortar will typically 1-shot comparable-level Archers. If a Mortar cannot 1-shot enemy Archers, its effectiveness is significantly reduced. A level 6 Mortar can one-shot any level of enemy Archer, so be sure to take all Mortars up to this level as a top priority.

Since Mortars are a very important tower, it is best practice to only upgrade one Mortar at a time. If more than one Mortar is being upgraded at once, the base is extremely vulnerable to enemy attack.