Clash of Clans Minion Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

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The Minion is the first unit players get access to that is produced from the Dark Barracks. Players can have their four Barracks along with two Dark Barracks all producing at the same time, allowing players to cut down on army training time if all six structures are being used simultaneously. Minions are popular amongst players since they are flying units, have a relatively low cost, and can be produced from the Dark Barracks.

In this guide to the Minion, we will cover unit stats, costs, upgrades, research levels, and strategies for making the best use of this troop.

Minion Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 45 second
Supply Cost: 2
Movement Speed: 32
Targets: Ground & Air
Preferred Target: Any
Dark Barracks Required: Level 1

1 35 1 attack per 1 second 35 55
2 38 1 attack per 1 second 38 60
3 42 1 attack per 1 second 42 66
4 46 1 attack per 1 second 46 72
5 50 1 attack per 1 second 50 78
6 54 1 attack per 1 second 54 84
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 6 None None 7
2 7 10,000 5 7
3 8 20,000 6 8
4 9 30,000 6 8
5 10 40,000 7 9
6 11 100,000 8 10

Minions are a very fast flying troop (tied in speed with Goblins for the fastest unit in the game). Minions have high damage (relative to supply cost) but rather low health. Their low health makes them susceptible to Wizard Towers, multi-target Inferno Towers, and of particular importance, the Air Bomb. This bomb is well-known for taking out clumps of 10+ Minions at once.

Note thatMinions are fairly strong as soon as they are unlocked at level 1, but do not improve significantly with each level. A level 1 Minion deals 17.5 DPS per housing cost compared to a level 4 Archer’s 16 DPS; a level 6 minion deals 27 DPS per housing cost compared to a level 6 Archer’s 26 DPS. In other words, an Archer improves as much in strength from just the two upgrades between levels 4 and 6 as a Minion does from levels 1 to 6!

CoC Minion Strategy

Minions are a popular unit for use in Clash of Clans, but understanding the strategy for using these units is important. Minions are rarely used as a “front line” unit due to their very low health. Instead, players should seek to use the Minion’s flying status, high damage and fast movement speed for alternative or “clean up” purposes (which we will discuss below).

Minions in Farming

Minions are occasionally used for farming purposes. I think that players often use these units just to cut down on training time, given that they cost very little and can be produced from the Dark Barracks. However, at lower levels, consider that these units do cost Dark Elixir, which is typically by far the rarest of resources. Even if you are only spending 100 per raid on Minions, that adds up at TH7 and TH8.

With that said, having a handful of Minions does allow for utility. Minions status as a flying unit allows them to pick off buildings and enemy units (i.e. the Barbarian King) that may be exposed and have no way to attack the Minion. Minions can be used to farm exposed storage points or Dark Elixir Drills in the same way.

Minions in War Battles

Minions are commonly used in War Battles as part of the Balloonion army composition. This composition involves using about 30 Balloons and 30 Minions to attack TH8 and TH9 bases. With Rage Spells and good placement, Balloons can take out the majority of defensive structures up to the enemy’s Town Hall (at TH9), or even every defensive structure (at TH8). Balloons will also trigger any Air Bombs that may be between the deployment zone and the enemy’s Town Hall.

nce the Balloons have done their job, Minions can then be deployed to clear 50% of an enemy’s structures as well as take out the enemy’s Town Hall. This is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to get a 2-Star clear against high TH9 players.

Minions for High Level Trophy Farming

The Balloonion strategy mentioned above is also very useful for farming trophies at higher levels. The Balloonion strategy is perfect for getting from Crystal league to Master’s league. At high Master’s and into Champion’s league, this loses its appeal as you end up facing tougher and tougher TH10 bases.

Minions are also commonly used to pick off single-target Inferno Towers, should you clear that deep into an enemy’s base. Once you get close, drop a Minion and allow it to fly in and trigger any Air Bombs. Then, drop 10 or so Minions to go in and swarm the tower.

Minion Weaknesses

The Minion’s low health gives it three big weaknesses: the Air Bomb, Wizard Tower, and multi-target Inferno Tower. Here is a quick guide to dealing with each:

Minions and Spells

Minions do not do well with the support of spells. Their fast movement speed and flying status mean that they will not stay in range of spells for very long. The only spell that really complements the Minion would be the Freeze Spell, as it could buy the Minion enough time to take out a high threat tower. As a general rule, it is best to save your spells for other units, and then use Minions to clean up after the other units take out most of the enemy’s defenses.

Minions and the Barbarian King

f you can lure out the Barbarian King away from any anti-air towers, a few Minions can then take it out without being hit back.

Minions as a Clan Castle Unit

Minions are an average Clan Castle unit. At low levels when the enemy may attack with Barbarians or Giants they can be useful, but this is not common. As a general rule, Minions’ low health means they will get destroyed very quickly by enemy units, making them not the best Clan Castle choice. Their low training time and cost also makes them a poor choice for donations from alt accounts.