Clash of Clans Hog Rider Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

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The Hog Rider is one of the most popular (and effective) units in all of Clash of Clans. Not only are they one of the coolest looking units, but their ability to hop over walls and target towers effectively makes them both the fastest ground and “flying” unit in the game that specifically targets enemy defensive structures.

In this guide to the Hog Rider, we will cover unit stats, costs, upgrades, research levels, and strategies for making the best use of this troop.

Hog Rider Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 2 minutes
Supply Cost: 5
Movement Speed: 24
Targets: Ground
Preferred Target: Defense
Dark Barracks Required: Level 2

1 60 1 attack per 1 second 60 270
2 70 1 attack per 1 second 70 312
3 80 1 attack per 1 second 80 360
4 92 1 attack per 1 second 92 415
5 105 1 attack per 1 second 105 475
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 40 None None 7
2 45 20,000 5 7
3 52 30,000 6 8
4 58 40,000 6 8
5 65 50,000 7 9

In the hands of even an unskilled player, the Hog Rider is perhaps the most powerful unit in Clash of Clans (Golems and Witches take a little more finesse to use effectively). Hog Riders are very easy to use and simultaneously very effective from TH7 to TH10.

What makes the Hog Rider so good? For one, it has rather high damage and health for only being a 5 supply unit. Additionally, it has a quick movement speed AND targets defenses. In comparison, most melee ground units have a movement speed of 16 or less, while most units that target defense preferentially have a movement speed of 12. The unusually high movement speed and damage for a defensive-targeting unit make the Hog Rider a great unit. However, on top of that, Hog Riders can actually jump over walls. This allows the Hog Rider to quickly run through an enemy’s base, taking out all of their defensive structures.

Once all of an enemy’s defensive structures are destroyed, a few clean-up units like the Barbarian King and some Archers can be used to destroy the enemy’s remaining structures.

CoC Hog Rider Strategy

As mentioned earlier, the Hog Rider is one of the best units in the game for taking out enemy bases and they are very easy to use. However, their cost means that they cannot be used all the time. In this guide, I will discuss strategies for using these units and situations in which the Hog Rider excels.

Hog Riders in War Battles

Hog Riders are the ultimate war unit for TH7, TH8, and TH9 players. It is impossible for a TH7 and close to impossible for a TH8 to fend off a heavy Hog Rider attack. With good spell placement and support units, it is even difficult for TH9 players not to get 3-starred by a mass Hog Rider army.

The strategy for using these units is simple: load up on healing spells and perhaps a Rage spell along with Hog Riders. Bring along Archers for enemy Clan Castle troops. Lure out the Clan Castle troops and hero units as a priority. Once you have their attention, take them out with Archers (or perhaps your own Hero unit(s). Next, drop your Hog Riders. Try not to drop them all in the same place, as this will leave the Hogs vulnerable to Big Bombs.

As your Hog Riders take damage (particularly from bombs), drop a Healing spell on the pack of Hog Riders when they get near a few towers (as the Hogs will be in range for awhile). A high-level Healing spell will easily top off the Hog Riders as they continue through the enemy’s base. Keep dropping healing spells as Hog Riders take area of effect damage, keeping them topped off.

A good enemy base (particularly at TH9) will make heavy use of bombs in an effort to try to curb Hog Rider attack. Healing Spells and upgrades (for more health) help mitigate this significantly. However, sometimes you walk into a trap with multiple Big Bombs and your Hog Riders might get taken out. For this reason, never send in all 25+ Hog Riders in a single attack wave. Instead, drop about 15, then keep about 10 on the back burner. Once your first wave takes out a significant chunk of your enemy’s base, drop the other 10 at another end of the enemy’s base, so that each Hog Rider group is operating independently.

The question you have to ask yourself is not so much about how to use Hog Riders, but rather if you want to use them. A Hog Rider-based attack runs 1,000-2,000 Dark Elixir. For two attacks, that would be 2,000 to 4,000. Is it really worth that for a war win which is likely not to provide more than 1,200 Dark Elixir? Probably not, unless you are the last person to attack and only need one or two three star attacks for your whole clan to win the battle.

I strongly recommend avoiding this tactic at TH7, even for wars. It is far easier to use 10 Dragons + 3 Lightning Spells for a 3 star clear on high TH7s or even low to mid TH8 players. TH7 just do not have the spare Dark Elixir needed to fund Hog Rider attacks.

Hog Riders in Farming

Contrary to what you might think given their high cost, Hog Riders can actually be used in farming. Consider that an army of about 25 Hog Riders will run 1,000 to 1,625 Dark Elixir, depending on level upgrades (the range the cost of 25 Hog Riders, from levels 1-5). Next, consider that a high-end TH8 base could have 2,000 Dark Elixir in the storage (plus whatever is in the drill), while a TH9 base could have as much as 2,500 Dark Elixir available in the storage to take (plus whatever is in the drills) and you can see there is room to take in a nice profit.

In order to successfully farm off these high-end bases, just use the same strategy described in the war section above. You might as well go for a 100% clear, grabbing not only the Dark Elixir but the gold and regular elixir as well to fund wall upgrades and pay for your spells and other units used in the attack. You can easily pull in 2,200 Dark Elixir while only spending 1,200 Dark Elixir on a TH8, whereas you can grab 3,000+ on a TH9 if both drills are full and upgraded.

Personally, I do not like this strategy for one reason: it is difficult to find TH8 and TH9 bases full enough on Dark Elixir to make this work. If you push up higher in the trophy count, you will find more TH9 players with full DE storages, but you will also find at these higher ranges it is harder to farm Gold and Elixir (as well as protect your own Dark Elixir). I would rather farm with an Elixir-heavy army so that I could efficiently farm off of bases offering up 1,000+ Dark Elixir rather than needing a 2,000+ base to net any DE.

Hog Riders for High Level Trophy Farming

While in theory Hog Riders could be used to trophy push, they are cost prohibitive for this purpose for most players (unless you plan on gemming). The odds of finding an easy base for trophy farming that also has enough Dark Elixir to fund Hog Rider attacks at high trophy ranges is extremely low (other players would have knocked this guy down and taken the DE already). You will only be able to fund so many Hog Rider attacks before running dry on Dark Elixir.

Hog Rider Weaknesses

The Hog Rider has three main weaknesses: bombs, spring traps, and multi-target Inferno Towers. Here is a quick guide to dealing with each:

Hog Riders and Spells

As mentioned, the Hog Rider does very well with the Healing Spell, as its primary weakness is area of effect damage. Keep dropping Healing Spells as the pack of Hog Riders takes damage. A Rage Spell could be useful as well in a high-concentration of towers (typically found in the center of the map near a Town Hall on a War Base). A Freeze Spell could also be useful for locking up multi-target Inferno Towers.

Hog Riders as a Clan Castle Unit

Hog Riders are surprisingly a good Clan Castle unit. They have high health, damage, and a relatively quick attack speed, making them particularly effective against Archers (the typical unit used to take out Clan Castle units). The biggest problem with using Hog Riders for defensive purposes is that they have no anti-air attack – a player with Minions can just drop a few to take out the Hog Riders after luring them out.

Hog Riders do make for a great offensive unit if you have an alt account. Donating a handful of Hog Riders to the Clan Castle with aims for using them for attacks can cut down the Dark Elixir spend of your main account.