Clash of Clans Healer Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

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As its name would indicate, the Healer is a unit that is capable of healing your nearby troops. It actually has no means of attacking and instead its attack is replaced with a healing spell. Healers will follow your troops at significant distance, generally picking one target and sticking to it until it dies. The Healer’s attack heals all units nearby its target over a fairly significant range, so its strength is maximized when healing troops that are stacked on top of one another.

In this guide to the Clash of Clans Healer, we will discuss basic stats and upgrade levels as well as cover the best strategies for using this unit in an in-depth fashion.

Healer Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 15 minutes
Supply Cost: 14
Movement Speed: 16
Targets: Ground
Preferred Target: Any (your own units; heals with area splash)
Barracks Required: Level 8

1 35 1 attack per .75 seconds 25 500
2 42 1 attack per .75 seconds 39 600
3 55 1 attack per .75 seconds 39 840
4 77 1 attack per .75 seconds 50 1176
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 5000 None None 6
2 6000 750,000 5 7
3 8000 1,500,000 6 8
4 10000 3,000,000 7 9

Healers are the only unit in Clash of Clans which heal your troops instead of attacking. Healers are flying units and will follow nearby units taking damage. Healers do not make an effort to avoid damage.

The Healer’s healing ability targets a wide area, so all units nearby the Healer’s target will receive full healing.

One important thing to note is that Healers will not target flying units. Healers will only heal ground units. Healers will heal hero units, but hero units only receive half the amount normally healed.

CoC Healer Strategy

Healers are a high-end unit in Clash of Clans given their 15 minute training time and 14 housing supply cost. They are also fairly expensive, running 5,000 Elixir as a new unit and 10,000 Elixir at max level.

Since Healers will not target flying units, they are naturally best paired with ground units. Healers also work best in clusters of 2-3 Healers, as single Healers are very vulnerable to the Seeking Air Mine.

Healers in Farming

One of the biggest mistakes players in Clash of Clans make is regularly using the Healer as part of their farming armies. If you are just farming Gold and Elixir and are TH9 or less, you really do not need Healers to efficiently farm. Waiting for the Healers to train and spending that much Elixir just is not efficient for Gold or Elixir farming.

The Healer is really only needed if you are going Dark Elixir storage, as this is usually well-defended by enemy players. Two Healers can sit behind 15+ Giants or a few P.E.K.K.As which can then subsequently core their way towards an enemy’s Dark Elixir storage. Rage Spells help immensely for this purpose, as they benefit both the ground units and the Healer.

Healers in War Battles

Healers are quite useful in War Battles. Healers make great support for large clusters of Giants or even beefier ground units like P.E.K.K.As, Golems, or even the Witch’s Skeleton summons. While Healers do not provide significant direct healing to the Barbarian King (or the Archer Queen), if the Healers stay up for a long period of time, they can significantly increase the lifespan of the Barbarian King.

Healers and Spells

The Healer can be healed by the Healing Spell. If your Healers are getting hit hard by Air Defense towers and your offensive units are taking too long to take down the tower, the Healing Spell can help keep your Healers alive for awhile.

The Healer really shines with the Rage Spell, as it significantly improves both movement speed and amount healed. Dropping a Rage Spell on units that are being healed by a Healer is like dropping a Healing Spell at the same time. Since the Healers hang back from your offensive units, you can get double usage out of the Healer in this instance.

Healers the Inferno Tower

One of the biggest weaknesses of the Healer is the Inferno Tower. Units being targeted by the Inferno Tower are unable to receive healing. Keep this in mind when placing your Healers, particularly if the Inferno Tower is set to multi-target mode.

Healers as a Clan Castle Unit

Healers are not particularly useful in the Clan Castle, although they do have an interesting function. Healers cannot attack enemy units, so if the other units in the Clan Castle have been destroyed, the Healer has nothing to do. At this point, Healers will actually begin healing defensive towers and regular structures. While this sounds good in theory, it does not work out very well. Consider the Healer’s actual healing per second is very low – the area of effect is what makes it strong. Since buildings do not stack on top of another, the amount of healing a Healer will provide a defensive structure is very low.