Clash of Clans Golem Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

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Golems are the largest unit in Clash of Clans, not only occupying the most physical space, but taking up the most housing cost (30 supplies) and costing more Dark Elixir than any other unit (450 at level 1, 750 at level 5). Despite the Golem’s high costs, it is a frequently used unit at the top-levels of play. They are rarely used by TH8 or even TH9 players, but TH10 players use these frequently.

In this guide to the Golem in Clash of Clans, we will cover unit stats, costs, upgrades, research levels, and strategies for making the best use of this troop.

Golem Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 45 minutes
Supply Cost: 30
Movement Speed: 12
Targets: Ground
Preferred Target: Defenses
Dark Barracks Required: Level 4

1 38 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 91.2 4500
2 42 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 100.8 5000
3 46 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 110.4 5500
4 50 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 120 6000
5 54 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 129.6 6300
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 450 None None 8
2 525 60,000 6 8
3 600 70,000 7 9
4 675 80,000 7 9
5 750 90,000 8 10
Level Golem Explosion Damage Golemite DPS/Damage Per Hit (DPH) Golemite Health Golemite Explosion Damage
1 350 7 DPS, 21 DPH 900 70
2 400 8 DPS, 24 DPH 1000 80
3 450 9 DPS, 27 DPH 1100 90
4 500 10 DPS, 30 DPH 1200 100
5 550 11 DPS, 33 DPH 1260 110

The Golem is the only true tanking unit in Clash of Clans. Its damage-dealing capabilities are set extremely low, while its health is off the charts. It can tank fire from multiple towers for an extended period of time – far longer than any other unit. Not only does its max level version have twice the health of a P.E.K.K.A, but when you count Golemite (discussed below) health, the Golem ends up with 294 health per housing cost – much higher than any other unit in the game. The Golem also specifically targets defensive structures, ensuring that it always has its attention turned towards a tower. Naturally, it is immune to Spring Traps.

Upon death, the Golem explodes, dealing damage (as indicated by the table above) and forming into two new miniature Golems known as Golemites. Golemites have one-fifth the health and explosion damage of the original Golem. The explosion damage of the Golem is quite significant, and the health of the Golemites is not so bad either (each one has 1,000 or so health, depending on Golem level).

CoC Golem Strategy

As mentioned, the Golem is the strongest tanking unit in the game due to its incredible health and defensive structure targeting priority. However, unlike the Giant or P.E.K.K.A, you cannot simply make a full army of Golems and hope to do well against an enemy. The problem is the Golem deals almost no damage, with a damage per second (DPS) not much higher than a single Archer! As a result, you need to back up the Golem with ranged DPS troops.

While the Golem is very strong, it is typically not used until TH10 (or late TH9) due to its high Dark Elixir cost. Given the endless Dark Elixir pits known as the Barbarian King and Archer Queen, it is difficult for players to justify spending 1,000-1,500 DE on 2-3 Golems (traditional number used for attacking) when they need that DE to upgrade their heroes. Some players will use Golems for farming at TH8-TH9 (discussed below), but I am not a huge fan of this strategy.

Golems in War Battles and Trophy Pushing

Golems are an excellent War unit and high-level trophy farming unit for cracking hard TH9 and TH10 bases. Typically, a single Golem is all that is required to attack a position on an enemy base. Given that it is best to attack from several nearby positions (in order to minimize AoE tower and trap damage), several Golems are recommended for this purpose.

Typically, Wall Breakers are used to break 2-3 entrances into an opponent’s base, near a corner. Entrances are created into the opponent’s base from each side of the corner. One Golem is dropped into each entrance; these Golems will then start working its way towards enemy defensive structures.

With the Golems tanking enemy tower fire, drop ranged DPS to back up the Golems. Wizards are typically the preferred unit for this purpose, given their relatively low cost (at this level of play anyway) and the fact that they are the highest DPS unit in the game on a per-housing cost basis. If you are flush with Dark Elixir, a few Witches can work miracles over an extended fight on a tough base.

Additional Healing spells and a Rage Spell or two can help crack deeper into the enemy’s base. The Float spell actually is not a bad ability if you have Witches, but Rage spells tend to work better for Wizards given that Wizards under the effect of a Rage spell will crack a wall in a second or two – practically the same effect as Float. Additional Wall Breakers can also be sent in, but be sure to time it appropriately so the Wall Breakers do not get taken out by area of effect damage.

Deeper in the enemy’s base. Freeze spells are useful if you approach a single-target Inferno Tower (the Golem’s biggest weakness). Freeze + Rage can help take down an Inferno Tower quickly. It is also a common strategy to drop hero units as the Golems approach the center of the base, as the DPS of a high-level Barbarian King and Archer Queen is extremely useful in taking out Inferno Towers before they can cause too much damage.

Of course, before you initiate this attack at all, be sure to try and lure out Clan Castle and enemy hero units the best you can, taking them out before sending in your Golems.

Golems in Farming

Golems are typically not used in farming attacks, given their high Dark Elixir cost. Even a single Golem represents a significant amount of Dark Elixir. With that said, some high-level TH9 players like using a single Golem during farming in an approach known as GoWiPe (Golem(s), Wizards, and P.E.K.K.As). This combination is very effective at coring deep into an enemy’s base to grab the Dark Elixir storage.

Using the Golems is easy – just drop Golem and a few sets of Wall Breakers and the Golem will be well on its way to enemy defensive structures. The key is steering the P.E.K.K.As into the enemy’s base, rather than letting them wander the perimeter. You will need to drop the Wizards after the Golem, allowing them to clear perimeter buildings. After a suitable number of perimeter buildings have been cleared, the P.E.K.K.As should follow the Golem into battle. The P.E.K.K.As will lend big DPS as well as start tanking once the original Golem gets taken out.

However, there is always the option of swapping out the Golems for Giants. While the Giants are not as effective, you also can now target bases with 500 less Dark Elixir (which tend to be much easier to break) and still end up with the same net gain.

Golem Weaknesses

The Golem has two main weaknesses: its low damage and the Inferno Tower (single target mode):

Golems and Spells

The Golem itself does not benefit significantly from the Healing spell or Rage spell, given that it has too much health to restore through a Healing spell and too little damage to benefit from the Rage spell. The Rage spell is useful however as it improves the Golem’s movement speed, and boosts the support units backing up the Golem.

The Float spell is also an interesting skill for the Golem, as it can help you jump deeper into an enemy’s base. This is useful if your Golem and Wizards start going in opposite directions – a Float spell can help change their pathings to the same direction.

Golems as a Clan Castle Unit

The Golem is only available in the Clan Castle for TH9+ players, given its 30 supply cost. With that said, the Golem is arguably the best unit to keep in the Clan Castle, at least for very high level players.

The three advantages of using the Golem in the Clan Castle are its high health, slow movement speed, and explosion damage. The Golem is so good in the Clan Castle because it delays the enemy’s attack for a significant amount of time.

Even if the enemy lures out the Golem, it takes forever for the Golem to get to the edge of the base so that the enemy can attack it. Between luring out the Golem, letting the Golem walk its slow self to the outside of the base, then destroying the Golem, it burns about 45 seconds off of the attack timer (not counting enemy unit losses). It would take 30 Archers about 12 seconds to destroy the Golem and its Golemites, not to mention the number of Archers that would get taken out by the Golem and Golemites’ attack and explosion damage.

If the enemy does not lure out the Golem, it will be an unmitigated disaster for the opponent. Their offensive units will focus on the Golem (for quite some time) while taking damage from your towers. Not luring out the Golem guarantees that a 100% clear (and perhaps even a 1 star clear) is in the enemy’s future.