Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 4 (TH4) Farming Strategy Guide

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Farming at Town Hall level 4 is a pleasant level range in Clash of Clans. With a maximum army supply of 80 and access to three Barracks, you can raid every 9 minutes with a fully maxed Barbarian army.

Making a maxed-out Barbarian army is exactly what you should do every step of the way at Town Hall level 4. At this level range, you do not need much resources for upgrades, so it is not very difficult to quickly obtain the resources you need and keep your builders busy by just raiding with Barbarians.

Town Hall Level 4 Farming Video Guide

This video guide shows a successful Town Hall 4 raid with an all-Barbarian army. This should give you a good idea of what to look for when farming:

Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Farming Strategies by osirisguide

Video Discussion & Additional Strategy

As you can see from the video above, Town Hall 4 farming is easy. Your best bet is to look for really bad base designs or full resource collectors where you can snipe all that you need to get maxed out resources.

The key thing to remember at Town Hall 4 is that you barely need any resources to upgrade your buildings, walls, and complete research. Your primary goal is to just be attacking constantly.

Most of your big raids will be from collectors that are full. Look for elixir collectors that have turned a dark shade of pink – this indicates they are full of resources. You will nab your biggest raids off of these types of raids. The best part about them is that collectors and mines tend to be the most exposed, making them easy for your Barbarians to get.

Farming Goals

At Town Hall 4, you can set your goals for farming very low. You do not need to earn many resources per raid since your upgrades cost so little. It is bet to instead focus on farming quickly and getting many raids in. At Town Hall 4, I would recommend going for any easy 30k gold and 30k elixir (60k combined resources). If you are maxed out of elixir, you should try and get at least 50k gold from a raid.

While these totals are quite low, this is plenty given how fast you can raid at this level range. You can even get some 100k+ combined raids, but given how fast you can raid, there is no reason to turn down an easy 60k.

Town Hall 4 Farming Defense – Protecting Your Resources

At Town Hall level 4, a good defense revolves around protecting your Mortar and centralizing your resources. Here is a good video that demonstrates a good Town Hall 4 Farming defense and how it works:

video back online shortly

At the end of the day, you are only going to be able to do so much to protect your resources at Town Hall 4. Fortunately, you do not have much to lose at this level range.