Clash of Clans Dragon Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

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The Dragon is one of the strongest units in Clash of Clans. This flying unit has a massive health pool along with good DPS, giving a single Dragon the capability of wrecking serious havoc on an opponent’s base. The strength of the Dragon is countered by its high cost and long training time.

In this guide to the Clash of Clans Dragon, we will discuss the Dragon in-depth, from its basic stats and upgrades to strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of this unit.

Dragon Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 30 minutes
Supply Cost: 20
Movement Speed: 16
Targets: Ground & Air (area splash damage)
Preferred Target: Any
Barracks Required: Level 9

1 140 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 210 1900
2 160 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 240 2100
3 180 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 270 2300
4 200 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 300 2500
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 25,000 None None 7
2 30,000 2,000,000 5 7
3 36,000 3,000,000 6 8
4 42,000 8,000,000 8 10

The Dragon has high health and moderate damage (considering its supply cost). Its true strength is naturally its ability to fly, which allows it to float over walls. The Dragon’s high strength is balanced by its slow movement speed. This slow speed leaves the Dragon vulnerable to Air Defense towers tucked deep within the enemy base.

The Dragon is also one of the most expensive Elixir-based units in the game, particularly with upgrades. A level 4 Dragon runs 42,000 Elixir for a 20-supply unit; a maxed Dragon army at Town Hall 10 will run over 500,000 Elixir!

CoC Dragon Strategy

Given its status as by far the strongest flying unit in the game, the Dragon is useful immediately upon being introduced and remains a relevant unit for the rest of the game.

Dragons in Farming

Dragons are not commonly used in farming, but they do have their uses. Primarily, Town Hall 8 and 9 players that no longer need Elixir and instead are just farming for Dark Elixir can use Dragons if their Elixir builds up too high. An army of just 10 or 11 Dragons will crack well-defended bases up to the Dark Elixir storage, especially with a well-timed Rage spell or a trio of Lightning Spells to destroy an Air Defense tower.

Dragons in War Battles

Dragons are an excellent unit for TH7 and TH8 players to use in war battles. Any Town Hall 7 player and most Town Hall 8 players can be 100% cleared with 3 Lightning Spells and a 10 Dragon army. All you have to do is drop 3 Lightning Spells on one Air Defense and then drop your Dragons. On Town Hall 7 players, that is all there is to it – with only one Air Defense remaining after the Lightning Spells, 10 Dragons will wipe a base 100%, no matter what is in the Clan Castle or no matter what towers or upgrades present at the enemy’s base.

Against Town Hall 8 players, you will have to employ a bit more strategy, especially if the Air Defense towers are level 5 or 6. You will want to use the Lightning Spells to take out the Air Defense furthest away from the place you want to attack. Secondly, you need to use one Dragon and your Barbarian King to take down perimeter buildings so that the bulk of your Dragons will attack down the center of the enemy’s base. Against fully-upgraded TH8 players that have a Dragon or Wizards in their Barracks, you will need level 3 Dragons, a Dragon in your Clan Castle, and great unit placement to guarantee a 100% clear.

Dragons and Spells

Dragons work well both with Lightning Spells as well as Rage Spells. As mentioned earlier, 3 Lightning Spells is perfect for taking out a single Air Defense tower. Use 3x Lightning Spells to take out the Air Defense tower that will be hardest for your Dragons to reach (preferably also the highest level enemy tower). Then, attack near the most exposed remaining Air Defense towers.

Alternatively, Rage spells work great with Dragons. The extra movement speed and damage will allow Dragons to tear through enemy’s base in a few seconds. This is particularly useful when your Dragons are occupied attacking high health buildings, like resource storage buildings or the Town Hall. Sometimes, a well-placed Rage Spell can be more effective than using Lightning Spells to take down Air Defense.

Dragons for High Level Trophy Farming

Dragons are a popular unit to use amongst top tier players for trophy farming at the very high ranges. The primary strategy is to use an all-Dragon army along with Lightning Spells. The Lightning Spells are used to take out an Air Defense as previously described, while the Dragons are used to clear 50% of the enemy’s base. It is hard for the enemy to stop a 50% clear from occurring before all the Dragons get taken out. Typically only a 1 star clear results from this strategy, but at the upper echelons of play, that is all that is required to advance.

Dragons and the Inferno Tower

If you are attacking a Town Hall 10 player with an Inferno Tower, be sure to check out the Inferno Towers to see what mode they are set to before attacking. If they are set to single target (1 red ball instead of several small ones atop the tower), avoid it with your Dragons. Inferno Towers set to single target will quickly wipe out a Dragon-based army.

Dragons as a Clan Castle Unit

Dragons are arguably the best Clan Castle unit in the game, especially at Town Hall levels 7-9. A Dragon located within a deep Clan Castle will ruin many attacks, and even when it is lured out, it still takes a significant amount of enemy units to take down. The fact that the Dragon deals area of effect damage makes it particularly effective as a Clan Castle unit, allowing it to take down multiple enemies with one hit. Perhaps nothing is better than the enemy player dropping 10+ Giants in a ball without luring units, only to have your Dragon come out of the Clan Castle and nuke the entire pack of Giants in a few breaths.

Starting at late Town Hall 8, I make an effort to always keep a Dragon in my Clan Castle. With a Dragon and Barbarian King active on defense, it is very difficult for an enemy attack to reach my Dark Elixir storage.