Clash of Clans Barbarian Unit Guide: Stats, Level Upgrades, & Strategy

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The Barbarian is the first unit you get access to in Clash of Clans and one that you should get very accustomed to using. For the first few months of your Clash of Clans experience, the Barbarian will be the backbone of your army (if not the entire composition of your army) as you build up your resources and increase your trophy count.

In this guide to the CoC Barbarian, you will find a full guide to Barbarian stats, levels, and strategies so that you can maximize the strength of this unit.

Barbarian Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 20 seconds
Supply Cost: 1
Movement Speed: 16
Targets: Ground
Preferred Target: Any
Barracks Required: Level 1

1 8 1 attack per second 8 45
2 11 1 attack per second 11 54
3 14 1 attack per second 14 65
4 18 1 attack per second 18 78
5 23 1 attack per second 23 95
6 26 1 attack per second 26 110
7 30 1 attack per second 30 125
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 25 None None 1
2 40 50,000 (6 hours) 1 3
3 60 150,000 (1 day) 3 5
4 80 500,000 (3 days) 5 7
5 100 1,500,000 (5 days) 6 8
6 150 4,500,000 (10 days) 7 9
7 200 6,000,000 (14 days) 8 10

The Barbarian is a slow melee unit that attacks its nearest target and has relatively low health and damage. While not a exactly flattering traits, it makes up for it by only taking up 1 supply and having both the shortest training time and elixir cost in the game.

Note that the Barbarian scales very well with upgrades, netting particularly large jumps in strength from levels 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5. As a result of the strength of its upgrades, Barbarians remain a viable unit to use in farming and trophy army combinations even at Town Hall 8 and above.

CoC Barbarian Strategy

In Clash of Clans, the Barbarian is a unit you should get accustomed to using. If you have read my farming guide, you know that I believe all Barbarian armies are the best army composition to use from Town Hall levels 1-6 and still can be used as a significant chunk of your army composition beyond Town Hall 6. I will discuss specific strategies below.

Barbarians for Farming or Trophy Pushing

Barbarians make for a great farming and trophy pushing unit. Barbarians train quickly and cost very little elixir. Even if you fail in a raid, you hardly lose anything given these units’ low cost and training time. However, in order to make up for their low health, it is important to understand how to deploy Barbarians, how to attack towers, and how to deal with enemy Clan Castle troops.

Unit Deployment and Positioning

While a Barbarian has low stats by itself, its overall health is solid and its damage is very high when you consider its low supply cost. Imagine a player at Town Hall 7 with level 4 Barbarians and level 4 Giants. Consider that at players can get 5 Barbarians for the same supply cost as 1 Giant. Added together, five level 4 Barbarians have 390 health and 90 damage per second. Meanwhile, one level 4 Giant has 520 health and 24 damage per second. While the Giant has 33% more health than the Barbarians, the Barbarians deal 275% more damage than the Giants!

In order to get access to all that extra damage, you first have to keep the Barbarians alive long enough to take advantage of their strength. As a general rule, you never want to place all your Barbarians in one spot or in one wave. Instead, you will want to spread them out and deploy them a handful at a time. This helps prevent you from being taken out by area of effect (AoE) towers like Mortars or Wizard Towers as well as bomb traps.

There is a careful balance between not deploying enough Barbarians and deploying too many at once. You will generally need 10-15 Barbarians per wave per Tower in range of the Barbarians. If you drop 5 Barbarians to attack an Archer Tower, the Archer Tower will just kill the Barbarians before the Barbarians can do much damage.

Taking Out Towers

As noted in the last paragraph, you need to deploy your Barbarians differently based on the type of tower you want to attack. Single-target towers like the Archer Tower, Hidden Tesla, and Cannon can just be piled on with Barbarians (assuming no AoE towers in range). It is best to hit those with many Barbarians, as these towers do not do extra damage to clumped up units.

AoE towers like Mortars or Wizard Towers on the other hand need more finesse to deal with. If you pile a bunch of units onto a Wizard Tower, you will just lose all of your units to AoE attacks (unless you can get in melee range of a Mortar). Instead, it is best to spread out your units and attack from multiple sides, only dropping a handful of Barbarians with each wave. If the enemy AoE tower is only hitting 1-3 Barbarians at once, you are doing great.

At lower levels, you can often attack the enemy’s resources while ignoring the Wizard Towers (since players only have 1 or 2 Wizard Towers at these levels). When using an all Barbarian army, it is often advisable to just avoid the Wizard Tower altogether if the Wizard Tower is protected by a wall. Attack the opposite side of the base from the Wizard Tower and get as many resources as you can that way.

At higher levels, you can drop a healing spell on high-threat targets like a Wizard Tower and then pile on with Barbarians, particularly if that AoE structure is all that is blocking you from penetrating deeper into the base or if there are multiple AoE towers nearby that can all be taken out during the duration of one healing spell.

Dealing With Enemy Clan Castle Units 

One of the biggest weaknesses of Barbarians is the enemy’s Clan Castle. Barbarians will always target Clan Castle units once these units come out. This presents a problem when there are Archers or other ranged units in the enemy’s Clan Castle, as these units will be able to hit your Barbarians from behind the enemy’s walls. Barbarians will stop attacking structures and instead work to break down the wall to get to those troops.

Always drop a Barbarian or two near the enemy’s Clan Castle at the start of an attack to see if any units are inside. If there is units inside, lure them out with a few Barbarians, then drop more Barbarians far away from the enemy’s defenses. This will allow you to take out the enemy’s CC troops without losing too many Barbarians.

Barbarians As a Clan Castle Unit

Barbarians are not the best Clan Castle unit. While better than nothing, their slow movement speed and melee range means that they can easily be picked off by enemy ranged units. Since they are melee units, they will jump over all of your walls to get to your enemy’s troops as well, negating the primary advantage of Clan Castle troops.

At low levels, picking Barbarians up is better than nothing, but the recommended cheap low-level troop would be Archers.