Clash of Clans Archer Tower Guide: Upgrades, Levels, Strategy

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The Archer Tower is the most common type of defensive tower that players can access in Clash of Clans. The Archer Tower is a great all-around defensive structure, with high DPS, long range, and the ability to hit both air and ground units.

Archer Tower Basic Stats, Upgrades, and Number Available by Town Hall Level

Damage Type: Single Target
Attack Speed: 1 attack per 1 second
Range: 10 yards
Targets: All (air and ground)
Building Size: 3 units by 3 units

Archer Tower Upgrades and Stats by Town Hall Level

1 2 11 11 400 1,000 15 minute
2 2 15 15 450 2,000 30 minutes
3 3 19 19 500 5,000 45 minutes
4 4 25 25 550 20,000 4 hours
5 5 30 30 590 80,000 12 hours
6 5 35 35 610 180,000 1 day
7 6 42 42 630 360,000 2 days
8 7 48 48 660 720,000 3 days
9 8 56 56 690 1,500,000 4 days
10 8 65 65 720 2,500,000 5 days
11 9 75 75 750 5,000,000 6 days
12 10 86 86 790 7,500,000 7 days

Number of Archer Towers By Town Hall Level

TOWN HALL LEVEL 2 4 5 7 8 9 10
Number of Archer Towers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Much like the Cannon, the Archer Tower improves significantly in strength with each level. The Archer Tower has a long range, solid DPS, and the ability to hit both ground and air units. Players get access to a grand total of 7 Archer Towers, making them the perfect perimeter building for protecting the outskirts of a base.

Archer Tower Strategy

Below, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Archer Tower, where to place it in a base for optimal effect, and the best strategies for upgrading this building.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Archer Tower is a great all-around tower. Its long range, solid damage, and ability to hit air units leaves it with no hard counter. The biggest weakness of the Archer Tower is that it can be overwhelmed by large numbers of enemy units. This tower has relatively low health, so it can be destroyed by 10-15 enemy Archers or Barbarians if they are in range.

Placing Mortars deep in the base but within range of the Archer Tower can help protect the Archer Tower from getting overwhelmed. With that said, players get access to so many Archer Towers that they are not a tower that particularly needs to be defended. Just put a wall in front of them and keep them on the outside of the base.

Archer Tower Placement

Archer Towers belong on the perimeter of the base. Their primary function is to thin out enemy units and to prevent the enemy player from using Archers to pick off non-essential buildings on the outside of the defending base (Barracks, Mines & Collectors, Army Camps, etc.). Archer Towers also blanket the outside of the base with air defense, protecting the defending base from Minions or other attempts to exploit a lack of anti-air capabilities.

Archer Towers should be paired with a Cannon whenever possible. Archer Towers will protect the Cannon from air units, while the Cannon’s DPS will make it harder for enemy players to overwhelm the Archer Tower.

Archer Tower Upgrade Priority

Archer Towers are among the lowest priority towers for upgrades in Clash of Clans. Upgrading the Archer Tower can be done as convenient. Players have so many Archer Towers that it is not a big deal if multiple Archer Towers are being upgraded simultaneously. The Archer Tower’s relatively low cost and build time make them easy to upgrade. Players should however max out their Archer Towers before going up to the next Town Hall level.

There is one exception to this rule – upgrading new Archer Towers that are unlocked by a Town Hall upgrade. The first seven to eight levels of the Archer Tower are particularly important. A level 7 Archer Tower can kill an enemy level 5 Archer in one hit, while a level 8 Archer Tower can kill an enemy level 6 Archer in one hit. As a result, when you unlock new Archer Towers at Town Hall 7 and 8, you want to build and upgrade these new Archer Towers to level 7 as a priority. When you unlock new Archer Towers at Town Hall 9 and 10, be sure to upgrade those to level 8 as a priority.

The ability of an Archer Tower to kill an enemy Archer in one hit is key to its effectiveness. An Archer Tower that takes two hits to kill an enemy Archer is very vulnerable to even basic enemy attacks. However, the final Archer Tower upgrade levels after the Archer Tower can take out an enemy Archer are a low priority.