Clash of Clans Air Defense Guide: Upgrades, Levels, Strategy

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The Air Defense tower is the only tower in Clash of Clans that exclusively targets air units. Despite its inability to hit ground units, the Air Defense tower is one of the most important defensive structures in Clash of Clans. It has by far the highest damage per second of any tower (aside from a charged up Inferno Tower) and a very long range. The Air Defense is essential for protecting the player against high threat, high health air units like the Dragon and Healer.

Air Defense Basic Stats, Upgrades, and Number Available by Town Hall Level

Damage Type: Single Target
Attack Speed: 1 attack per 1 second
Range: 10 Tiles
Targets: Air
Building Size: 3 units by 3 units

Air Defense Upgrades and Stats by Town Hall Level

1 4 80 80 800 22,500 5 hours
2 4 110 110 860 90,000 1 day
3 5 140 140 900 270,000 3 days
4 6 160 160 940 540,000 5 days
5 7 190 190 990 1,080,000 6 days
6 8 230 230 1040 2,160,000 8 days
7 9 280 280 1100 4,320,000 10 days
8 10 320 320 1160 7,560,000 12 days

Number of Air Defense Towers By Town Hall Level

Number of Air Defense Towers 1 2 3 4

The Air Defense is the only low-level tower in Clash of Clans that deals significant damage even from level 1. While this damage goes up significantly from upgrades, even a level 1 Air Defense tower is capable of dealing big damage.

Air Defense Tower Strategy

Placement of the Air Defense tower is essential to good defense in Clash of Clans. If Air Defense towers are placed carelessly, they can be easily picked off, leaving the base vulnerable to a number of attacks. The Air Defense tower is particularly important in protecting the defending base against Healers and Dragons; without Air Defense towers, the player has no way to stop either of these units.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The only weakness of the Air Defense tower is that it cannot attack ground units. Spread out Air Defense towers and keep them a bit deeper in the base in order to protect against attempts to snipe out Air Defense towers.

Sometimes players using air-based armies try to take advantage of the Air Defense tower by using Dragons or Minions. A few Dragons are sometimes used in an attempt to “tank” the damage dealt by the Air Defense tower while the player attacks with Balloons or a ground-army supported by Healers. Keeping the Air Defense tower fully upgraded will prevent Dragons from tanking damage for very long.

Minions are sometimes used to target Air Defense towers because Air Defense towers can only hit one target at a time. A swarm of Minions can easily overpower an Air Defense tower. An Air Defense Tower can be protected from Minion swarms by keeping the Air Defense towards the center of the base, keeping it within range of an Archer Tower, or by placing a Air Bomb or Wizard Tower near the Air Defense.

Air Defense Tower Placement

Air Defense towers should be placed towards the center of the base. Air Defense towers should never be in a position where they can be easily sniped by enemy units (i.e. on the perimeter of the base). From Town Hall levels 4 to 6, players only have 1 Air Defense, so it needs to be protected as a priority. The Air Defense should be placed directly in the center of the base at Town Hall 5 and 6 (getting attacked by air units at Town Hall 4 is rare) as it is the only structure players have that can stop the Healer.

At Town Hall 8 and above, it is ideal to place the towers in a triangle or square-shaped pattern so that there are many high health targets between the towers (resource storage buildings, Town Hall, the Clan Castle, etc). This makes it very difficult for a mass Dragon army to attack the player, as Dragons will get hung up for some time attacking the high health structures. It also ensures that 1-2 Rage Spells will not allow Dragons to quickly power through all Air Defense structures.

Never place Air Defense towers directly next to one another as this leaves the towers vulnerable to Lightning Spells. It normally takes 3 Lightning Spells to destroy an Air Defense tower (meaning a player can only destroy one Air Defense tower through spells per battle). However, if Air Defense towers are adjacent to one another, four Lightning Spells will destroy both towers, leaving the player very vulnerable to Dragons or Healers.

Air Defense Upgrade Priority

Upgrading the Air Defense should be seen as a top priority amongst defensive towers. The reason for upgrading the Air Defense early is due to its long training time and the fact that players should only upgrade a single Air Defense at once. Upgrading more than one Air Defense at a time leaves the player extremely vulnerable to both Dragons and Healers. Upgrading Air Defense structures one at a time takes a long period of time, so it is best to start upgrading the Air Defense early.